Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Right-Brained Report on State Approvals for DE

So, my team and I spent 21 straight days in late May and June working on State Approvals for Distance Education (and we're not done, and of course, we have to revisit it constantly, depending on the state). I am so right-brained that I've awarded myself five diamond stars for keeping this organized, linear, and fully documented. This does not mean that it's been easy, or that there is any regulatory logic whatsoever to this whole mess. On June 15, I decided it was time to provide an update to my VPAA on our progress, and important next steps. I got a tiny bit creative and provided my update with an animated video created through xtranormal. Check it out.


Andrew Zoldan said...

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Pacific said...

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Sonya Apple said...

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